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Paper when off pollution large black hat?

The depth of the adjustment to the best time

Elimination and construction, dual power to promote the paper industry of green development

Due to resource, environment, benefit and other aspects of the constraints, the world paper industry is moving towards high efficiency, high quality, high efficiency, low consumption, low pollution, low emission of modern industry, showing the direction for sustainable development,enterprise scale, technology integration, functional products, clean production, resource conservation, low carbon environmental protection, forestry paper integration, information management and green development characteristics. While the overall level of China's paper industry is a very big gap from the.

"The contradiction between supply and demand of raw materials, the ability of independent innovation is weak, large proportion of backward production capacity, energy-saving emission reduction task is arduous, enterprises is small, the structure is not reasonable......" Industry experts said, to hinder the development of papermaking industry in China problems still have not been fundamentally resolved. And this is the "planning" for the next 5 years the paper industrydemands. "Want to solve the amount of problems to solve the issue of quality, efficiency problem.To promote the industry structure adjustment, industrial upgrading, take the green recycling of low carbon development road."

Qian Guijing pointed out, energy-saving emission reduction is to promote an important driving force for papermaking industrial adjustment, the supply and demand situation and the current for slightly bigger than for the industry but also to the further adjustment of paper industry space, is the best time to depth adjustment." "Output to meet demand, equipment industry development gap in technology, energy conservation and emission reduction pressure, China's paper industryhas to 'destroy the old and establish the new' period". In the light of International Engineering Co., Ltd. Li Yao gave the advice is: should accelerate the elimination of backward production capacity to accelerate the pace of adjustment, and the integration of the industrial structure,promote the modern green paper industry process.

Li Yao said, the elimination of backward production capacity, accelerate the industry merger and reorganization is the main melody of "paper industry since eleven five", but also the future ofpaper industry structural adjustment of center of gravity. This is the paper industry to abandon the "important way and means of mass production, mass consumption, a large number of abandoned". Administrative management, effective corporate social responsibility will contribute to the realization of this goal, but the cost and environmental pressure will be from the "passive eliminated" steering "initiative to eliminate" the fundamental.

"Planning" will be paper industry positioning for the raw material industry an important basis has the characteristics of circular economy, the next 5 years will vigorously promote energy conservation, efficient utilization of resources; clean production technology, the promotion ofpollution prevention and control; speed up the elimination of backward production capacity,reduce pollution emission reduction; speeding up efforts to solve key river basins and key regional paper industry structural adjustment and the problem of pollution.

"Major pollution of papermaking industry reputation to be changed, the task is very onerous."Qian Guijing points out, "1025" papermaking industry to lay a good foundation for the modern industrial system. The first is to improve the innovation ability, talent, capital and other variousconcentration of innovation resources to the advantage of enterprises. Accelerate the formulation of guidelines for the formation of publishing technology progress, to lay a good foundation forpapermaking industry technology roadmap. To rely on technological progress, must let thepollutant emissions has been effectively controlled. New breakthroughs in the clean pulping, bio energy, energy saving and emission reduction, pollution control.

The second is the work of industrial structure adjustment is ceaseless and thorough, quantitativeindicators out, clear exit mechanism. "Twelfth Five Year Plan" to eliminate backward production capacity 10000000 tons, attaches great importance to the efficient utilization of resources, clean production, structure adjustment. To promote the papermaking enterprise multi-channel recoverychemicals, promote resource recycling, reached the international advanced level.

Pulping and papermaking technology and equipment is relatively backward production capacitystill accounts for about 35%, is the main source of industry, COD emissions accounted for about47% the total discharge of industry, it is difficult to achieve the "discharge standard of water pollutants" (GB3544-2008) requirements, it is urgent to increase the alteration or eliminationefforts.